Our mission objective is to create more one wall handball courts throughout the USA, educate the public about the sport, bring the sport into the lives of children throughout the USA and promote the sport through Tournaments. 

Our organization feels the best way to make one wall handball more popular throughout the USA is first to get more one wall courts built. This will be our main focus for how can you play the game if there are no courts in your community. And creating courts in gymnasiums or schoolyards is not that difficult and very inexpensive. All it takes is a little paint. 

To see an absolutely great game at W. 4th St Park in NYC see the video below. You will note that they are using a pumped up pink ball which is the ball to use for serving ace serves. This type of ball was used in the 1960's and 1970's. Now, the racketball is being used and you cannot serve aces with this type of ball. Most unfortunate. It's like changing the tennis ball and the tennis players can no longer serve aces. You are playing handball with a ball from another sport. It would be like playing professional basketball with a soccer ball. Lets bring the pumped up pink ball back. And bring back the ace serve in handball.

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